A Medicine Hat Collective.

Are you curious about digital tools for art, design, and business? The Pulp.Digital.Creators initiative has been instigated as a media arts, design, and tech organization for the greater Medicine Hat community. This collective will foster learning, community and exhibitions of digital work. Students, professionals, hobbyists, and visiting-artists are all welcome.


We all know that social moves quicker than sites. For latest info about PULP.digital.creators, you can head over to PULP.digital.creators on Instagram.

Fall General Meeting.

We made it! Only lost one of us.September 25 6pm Alberta time we are having a general meeting for the fall. Agenda includes: Members vote in a new board member. Volunteer opportunities for ‘Digital Juice’ film and animation festival.Nov 7, 2020 at the Monarch Theatre. Find us on Instagram ‘PULP.Digital.Creators’ and send a DM to ….  Read More

2020 PULP. Board & Interns.

We are small, so it turned into a working board. Everyone is dedicated to a great working environment. As we turn 1, we are starting to see the rewards of our efforts. May-August 2020. Design Interns. We were thrilled to have two talented and energetic design interns with us. They sliced their way through all ….  Read More