2020 PULP. Board & Interns.

We are small, so it turned into a working board.
Everyone is dedicated to a great working environment. As we turn 1, we are starting to see the rewards of our efforts.

May-August 2020. Design Interns.

We were thrilled to have two talented and energetic design interns with us.
They sliced their way through all sorts of visual projects and were a big help getting the festival submissions done.

Miikal Armstrong. Bachelor of Applied Arts.
‘Intern 1’
Brooklyn Schnor. BAA Year 3.
‘Intern 2’

2020 Board.

The first-ever Pulp board is comprised of a dynamic group of creatives.

James Kuehn. MSc. Digital Media Design.
Chair & Co-founder of PULP.Digital.Creators.
Bailey Warner. Bachelor Applied Arts.
Vice-Chair & Co-founder of PULP.Digital.Creators
Andrea W. Bachelor of Applied Arts.
Director, Now Sectretary.